Pharmacy News

One-in-four pre-reg trainees fail exam

The General Pharmaceutical Council has released the names of the 2,077 pre-registration trainee pharmacists who passed their registration assessment in June. more →

Plans to put price tags on medicines

As prescribing rates continue to soar, health secretary Jeremy Hunt has unveiled plans to put price tags on medicines packs – a move that could do more harm than good, according to pharmacy bodies. more →

Alphega Pharmacy pilots mole scanning service

Alphega Pharmacy has launched a pilot mole screening service in 25 of its UK pharmacies this summer, to help detect cases of malignant melanoma. more →

Pharmacy gets national flu vaccination service

PSNC has announced the launch of a national flu vaccination service for community pharmacies, alongside a £2.8 billion funding package agreed with the NHS for 2015/16. more →

Disquiet over pre-reg exam

Discordance with current practice, a high level of specialist clinical knowledge required and time pressures that in real life could impact upon patient safety are among the concerns raised by candidates who sat last month’s pre-registration exam. more →

Cash incentives help smokers to quit

People given cash incentives to stop smoking are more likely to quit, research shows. more →

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Latest BBC Health News

Recruiting foreign nurses 'expensive'

It is "distracting, frustrating and expensive" to have to recruit large numbers of nurses from overseas, the head of a leading NHS hospital says. more →

Blowing balloons 'treats glue ear'

Using the nose to inflate a balloon helps heal glue ear, University of Southampton research suggests. more →

Living Wage 'could harm home care'

The National Living Wage could result in a "catastrophic failure" in the home care market, the industry is warning. more →

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Latest BBC General News

Drugs claim peer resigns from Lords

Lord Sewel resigns from the House of Lords and apologises for "the pain and embarrassment" caused after he was filmed allegedly taking drugs with prostitutes. more →

UK economic growth picks up to 0.7%

UK economic growth accelerated to 0.7% in the second quarter of the year, helped by a big jump in oil and gas production. more →

Will battle daughter wins £164,000

A woman cut out of her mother's will is awarded a £164,000 inheritance in a case experts think could prove to be a landmark ruling. more →

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