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WHO joins drive to make all clinical trial data publically available

The World Health Organization is putting pressure on drug manufacturers to disclose all clinical trial data on a publicly accessible database. more →

Domperidone warnings could affect breastfeeding mothers

The benefits of using domperidone to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers outweigh risks associated with the drug, according to the author of a letter published in the Journal of Human Lactation. more →

NHS expenditure on prescribed medicines up by 7.6 per cent

Overall prescribing costs increased to £14.4bn, with £5.8bn attributed to hospital use of medicines, data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show. more →

Patients in England could access their own GP records by March 2015

Under the plans, people will be able to add comments to their records, which will be visible to any healthcare provider. more →

Antibiotic resistance a 'threat to public safety' in Europe

Increasing bacterial resistance across Europe, particularly to carbapenems and polymixin antibiotics, is a “threat to public safety”, according to the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). more →

Smartphones improve medicine adherence in teenagers

Young people with kidney disorders use mobile phones to remind them to take prescribed medicines, a study finds. more →

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Latest BBC Health News

NHS staff stage four-hour strike

Nurses, midwives, ambulance staff and other NHS workers have staged a four-hour strike over pay. more →

Suicide risk falls after talk therapy

Talk therapy sessions can help reduce the risk of suicide among high-risk groups, suggests a US study. more →

Mental health nursing cuts warning

Staff cuts and bed shortages are leaving mental health services "under unprecedented strain", says the nurses' union. more →

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Latest BBC General News

'Time is right' for new terror powers

The police and security services should get new powers to defend the UK from the biggest terror threat before or since 9/11, Home Secretary Theresa May says. more →

US defence secretary 'to step down'

Chuck Hagel will resign as US defence secretary after a request from President Barack Obama to step down, US media report. more →

Google case over web abuse settled

The case of a businessman who wants to stop malicious web postings about him appearing in Google searches is settled at the High Court. more →

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